Lipstick is an essential product that will help to highlight your overall makeover. It is also known as the game-changer tool in your entire makeup. If you are dressing well and not applying a pleasing shade of lip color, it will spoil your look. Always keep in mind to choose the lipstick shade which seems good and matches your outfit as well.
Choosing the right lipstick shade is tricky. Especially when you are unsure whether the color suits you. Never feel too shy; always experiment with different shades and colors. It will be fun and can be a way to enhance your elegant beauty.
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Look at your undertone:

Before applying lipstick shade on your face. The first thing you have to do is to determine your undertone (Skintone). In this world, humans have 3 different skin tone colors. 1. Cool undertone 2. Arm undertone 3) Neutral undertone. You can easily know what your undertone is when your skin tone is warm or cool.
When you are not able to identify your skin color then you have a neutral undertone. Each of the undertones has its own importance. You should have to make the perfect match for your tone and choosing the right lipstick will be easy for you.

Compare shades with arm swatches:

Select some lipsticks and swatch them in the arm. You can test your perfect shade from that too. Because your arm is wholly reflected in your skin stone. So, when you try the shades on your arm it will give you the authentic result. Then you can select one of the lip colors that you think suits you. It is crucial for you to try before applying. It helps in boosting your confidence and gives you satisfaction.

Match your lipstick color with your makeup style:

Lipstick color plays a vital role in your overall makeup and enhances your makeover style. You must select the color that matches your makeup. We have different kinds of makeup and styles to carry, so do not miss the lipstick shade. Miss-match in your lip shades will completely spoil your makeup.

How to choose satin lipstick:

The satin lipstick offers you a creamy texture. It has hydration properties that provide you with well-hydrated lips. If you are fond of the natural look of lips and never want to change it. Go for a satin lipstick product. Satin will give you natural and hydrated lips.

How to choose nude lipstick:

Nude shades are very light in color and mostly it is preferred to apply on smokey makeup. But if you are not going to do smokey make-up you can apply it ultimately. It will add a touch of barely-there beauty vibe for you.

How to choose bright lipstick:

If your skin tone is warm then try the bright colors of lipstick. It will enhance your skin tone as well as your lip color. A bright color of lips will take your personality to another level. It can make you more stylish and confident.

How to choose light lipstick:

If you have a light skin tone, you can try lipsticks of light colors. These shades can give you a natural and subtle look. However, not all nude colors may suit your complexion or style. Therefore, when you are looking for light-colored lipsticks. It’s important to experiment and see what works best for you. Don’t limit yourself by following strict rules or trends.

How to choose glossy lipstick:

A glossy touch will add a finish to your makeup look. It will give you a plump style and add volume to your thinner lips. So that your lips can highlight and moisturize too. Glossy lipsticks will reduce inflammation and allow the tissues of the lips to heal well.

How to choose metallic lipstick:

Metallic lipstick can help you avoid dry and flaky lips. It can also adapt to different occasions, whether you want to dress up or down. Metallic colors are striking and attractive on any skin tone. If you want your lips to stand out and shine, metallic shades are a great choice.


Always choosing the right lipstick after considering your undertone. We have 3 types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Once you know about your undertone you will find the perfect shade for your lips. Experiment with different colors and shades, don’t be afraid to do this. Set your makeup look according to the occasion and it will boost your personal style. Apply lipstick correctly, exfoliate your lips first then apply lipstick on it.

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