If 92% of marketers believe that making a video is the heart of all marketing strategies, you need to make more videos. If you think video marketing is new, then I would ask you to think again.

People spend a lot of time watching videos. Yes, mostly, the videos are online. Whether on the Tube, in the parks, or on their beds, people are attracted to watching a video rather than doing other activities such as playing a game or reading a book. You can use this to market your brand like never before.

Hold on a Minute! Why Should I Choose Video Marketing?

Scientifically speaking, a video is a more interactive tool than a book or written materials. In fact, it is more useful than design and podcasts to market your brand. The answer to this question comes out even simpler when you want to offer customers a comprehensive look at your business. A video can do that very well.

Think of this strategy. By making a 30-second-long vertical video or a 1-minute-long horizontal video, you can deliver information to your audience more quickly, more clearly and more efficiently. In fact, videos can help fix the communication gap between you and your customers.

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Benefits Video Marketing Can Offer Your Brand

You can make countless videos with the right strategy and insight into your products. Later in this post, you will get to know different kinds of videos as well. However, you might still be thinking about making videos for your audience or marketing in older ways. These points might define the perks of video marketing better:

  • Videos make your customers feel the authenticity of your brand. You connect with them almost in an ‘unplugged’ sense. It helps you build brand credibility.
  • It can educate your customers better. Videos are probably the clearest ways you can show your customers what your products are and how they can use them.
  • As a matter of fact, video marketing has resulted in better customer decisions. Customers have reported that they can make relevant and meaningful decisions at the store or at online purchases.
  • Video marketing strategies are highly important for SEO. You know very well that search engines now show video content before text-based results. Add a video to your landing page and it might fetch you even better results.
  • If you want to communicate with your customer more efficiently, then videos might help you in exceptional ways.
  • One of the tremendously important factors for making videos is a mobile platform. People are 1.5 times more likely to watch a video on a mobile phone compared to the desktop platform. Added to that, your customers can watch a video on their phones more flexibly on the go, for example, when they are travelling by train, or they’re sitting in a park.

You see how videos make your brand take one step ahead in the path of marketing. Follow the next point to learn more about different videos you can make to diversify your video marketing strategies.

Types of Videos You Can Make for Your Brand

We have listed a few videos that are very interactive in nature. Moreover, they are interesting to watch as well. Remember that you must make videos in the most informative way possible. However, do make them engaging, creative and enjoyable so that it always brings a smile to the face of the person watching them.

  1. Company Culture Videos: These videos show a more personal side of your business. Shoot a video in the office at the time of work. You should include employees and have short conversations with them.
  2. Feature/ Product Video: Make a video showcasing your product. If it is a technological product or has a complex usage, explain it to the audience in detail.
  3. Interview and Q&A Videos: Your customers have questions. Answer them this time, not in the comment section or their emails. Switch to on-screen answering. Bring a guest for an interview to make things more appealing. Tell the story of your brand in a solo video or have an interviewer help you with it.
  4. Explainer Videos: You have to be really clear and honest with the problem your company is facing and how you are solving them.
  5. Live Videos: A live video sparks excitement in people. You can engage people with live videos on events etc.
  6. User-Generated Videos: If your users are happy with your content, then they can easily create videos showcasing your product. It helps in building brand authenticity and awareness.
  7. How-to Videos: You can take them as a part of educational videos. From the usage tactics to maintenance tips of your product or services, it is a video every viewer would welcome to find meaning in your products.
  8. Social Media Videos: Instagram Reels or Facebook Stories can help you market your product usefully if you know how to shoot social media videos. Besides, you can use paid social media videos and use animated illustrations to your benefit.
  9. Case-Study Videos: You can use such videos to show people if your business holds real value. Often taken in Q&A formats, a case study video can also be shot in other interesting ways.
  10. Personalised Videos: 80% of people would like to make purchase decisions with a company that offers personalised videos. Learn to make them and add them to your video marketing to gain quality results.

Before Concluding: Do You Need to Fund Making Your Videos?

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to pay much to make your videos. However, if you want high-quality videos or recruit a freelancer for the job, you might expect some costs.

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Investing in making a video or hiring a team, investigate and invest properly in equipment. It can make a big difference in your videos. Write a good script and look at the location to film your videos. Start small at first and then gradually improve. Make small steps. Create shorter, simpler videos at first and learn through the process. It may help you make better videos in the future.

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