Increase your Facebook followers

In this article, we can see how to get 10k followers on Facebook. Facebook side with 100,000 followers is more popular than a page with 1,000 followers with many other benefits. Because in today’s world a successful company, a website, or a blog must have many followers on Facebook. Nothing had changed five years ago, but social evidence in the 21st century. If this is the case, you must bear in mind that not all your followers see your contributions. After the recently amended Facebook algorithm, only a small percentage (no more than 4%) of your followers will determine your status update, of course, a maximum of 300-400 people will appear.

How you can get from 0 to 10,000 followers on Facebook

Now that you are convinced that many followers on Facebook are important for your Facebook and your company and the chance to gain genuine Facebook page likes, we must gradually see how you can go from 0 to 10,000 followers.

First Create Facebook business pages

This may sound stupid to experts, but it might be something new for newcomers on social media: a personal Facebook page differs from a company page. If you want your Facebook friends to share their vacation photos, you must make a personal page. If you want followers and followers for your website or company, you must create a Facebook website. The first step is to ensure that you have created a Facebook business page. The second step is to ensure that the page is correctly optimized.

Optimize your Facebook business page

When we talk about the optimization of a Facebook business page, select a friendly page title (username), write a catchy description (in the short description field), give a long description, company description, intention (see screenshot below), and of course -specific information. The item of interesting content is the number one optimization tip.

Use your personal Facebook account

In step 1 above I said you should have a company page, not a personal page, but you still have to have an active personal Facebook account. Here is the reason:

  • After you have published an update on your business page, you can also increase visibility and preferences by sharing this message on your page.
  • People who, as friends, have on their side “such as” and “interact” with a contribution that is divided on their business side, which increases the involvement of their contributions.

Facebook will show their contributions (organically) to more followers. One way to increase the number of people who see their contributions and exceed 4% of their next followers is to share and promote the contribution on their page. The more friends you have, the more visible your publication. Also, make sure that you like all your current (and new) friends on your Facebook company page. Do this every time you find a new “friend”.

Follow these tips to increase the use of your contributions

So far we have created a custom Facebook business page, added friends to our personal Facebook page and set an excellent field for the field on our website. The natural next step is to share content to involve your Facebook followers and to convert them from followers> Website viewers> followers.

Share Relevant content

Share the content that your followers want by your side. For example, if you are on social media, you do not share content in connection with social media, not with sports or something else that you could enjoy. If your users want to read sports messages, you know where you can find them.

Get on

Remember that you will follow your company side to get information about your website (and niche), not to obtain your social meetings. If you want to socialize, use your personal Facebook page, your company page is for your website. In general, I only use my business page to share the content of my niche. If I want to share something that has nothing to do with my niche, I use my page.

Don’t be too promotional

The part of the advertisements (always) on your Facebook page leads the followers away. If you have an action or want to share something that you can benefit from followers, you are very welcome to do this but don’t overdo it.

Share photos, videos, and emotions

If you look at some of the most popular Facebook sites, you will notice that you tend to share photos, videos, info-graphics, diagrams, etc., etc. This type of content receives more likes and shares, which brings more followers and followers aside.

Facebook advertisements are essential

It is the simplest and most effective way to increase your number of Facebook followers, but it is not free. Facebook offers a self-service advertising platform with which you can increase followers (applicable to your site), increase contributions, get more leads, increase conversions or perform a variety of other actions (as shown in the image above). The procedure is fairly simple and uncomplicated. In principle, choose the website that you own (support the website), and the target group (based on country, age, age, other demographic data, and interests), and then set your daily budget and its duration. The costs for a campaign depend on many factors.

The best way to assess whether Facebook advertisements are a good way to expand your followers is to tubidy perform a pilot campaign within a few days. Finally, you can decide whether you are willing to pay the costs for likes. I have achieved great results with Facebook advertisements on my websites and the websites of my followers, and I carry out campaigns every month (for a few days) to increase my Facebook likes.


A considerable number of Facebook followers on your business side is very important for social credibility and advertisements. If it was not important, nobody would be interested and the US Department of Foreign Affairs should not spend $ 630,000 on Facebook campaigns. After you have made the necessary changes to your company page (steps 1 and 2 above), the easiest way to get more followers is to use Facebook advertisements.

With a small A/B test, you can get 10,000 followers for only 1,000 US dollars (distribution in a few months).

If you do everything well and offer a great product or service, you can expand your episodes to more than 100,000, as I did on my Facebook page for my fitness blog.