“Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme” is one of the most searched quotes. However, most people are not aware of what is it. Today, in this article, we will be reviewing this Lifestyle Unlimited program.

In this price-rising era, everyone wants to make some extra cash. It is a default thinking that comes from everyone’s mind that if I could reach the next level of income. However, that is not a bad thing after this covid 19 pandemic. You are a salaried person, you need some extra income to push your lifestyle to a lavish zone. Most people start doing a side business to solve this situation. However, investing in a small business is not a small thing. You might not be able to afford this. Therefore, you need a lifestyle investment group for a better understanding of the current market.

I can assume that you are here after listening to a social media advertisement or a friend’s listing. However, I will strongly advise you to do strong research before joining or purchasing anything. It might be a scam to you. You can lose a huge amount of money through it. I am not part of Lifestyle Unlimited. Therefore, I am not taking any responsibility or advising part of it. I will give you unbiased third-party ideas on it.

What Is Lifestyles Unlimited?

Before knowing why Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme?Lifestyles Unlimited is an interesting program developed by Del Walmsley. It is a passive way of income by investing in real estate. Moreover, it is designed for real estate investor to invest money and enjoys lifestyles.

Most people in the world have only one way of income. This program will teach you how to earn when you are asleep. Moreover, the aim of the program is to reduce the dependency on the primary source of income. In fact, if you run out of money or not having a job, you can continue your day-to-day servings.

How does Lifestyle Unlimited operate?

If you ask why is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme, one of the reasons is its component of networking and mentorship. You need to look through your schedule before becoming a member of Lifestyle Unlimited. This way, you will be able to carve out the time to commit to going to events, interacting with others, and taking classes. 

Here you will be able to connect and interact with investors from various backgrounds and ranges of success. You can find individuals who have just started investing and individuals who became extremely wealthy by investing in real estate.  Organizing and attending these types of events develops opportunities to learn from the Lifestyles curriculums and get more ideas of how you can apply the techniques by networking with other entrepreneurs.

Who is Del Walmsey?

Del Walmsley is recognized as a well-known real estate investor. Currently, he is also in the position of a multimillionaire. However, the path to do so is not so easy. Like most others, he had a job in which he could have been more interested. Therefore, he wanted to do something side by his job.

Del, try to get into the real estate market. So, he managed some hours of the day and invested it in his passive job. After a few years of hard work, he finally got what he wanted. He left his job and started doing real estate investing full-time.

After his successful portfolio, he wanted to share his experience with others. Therefore, he started to mentor a group. However, he is also a real estate educator. Moreover, Walmsley is now involved with radio stations, blogs, podcasts, videos, and many more. That’s the source of Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme.

The Goal Of Lifestyle Unlimited-

In the Lifestyle Unlimited program, you will learn how to manage your active and passive investments. There you will find hundreds of case studies, that can help you experience the real-time investment process and its returns. Moreover, you can say the program is generally a mentorship program for investment.

The program also includes a road trip. There learners can get hands-on experiences with property brokers, tractors, or vendors. This trip is a lot to learners, they can easily experience, real-time dealings. Later that benefits in their investments. For instance, where they will invest, and cost associated with the deal, and potential partners for investment.

Who Are The Perfect Match for Lifestyles Unlimited?

Now that you have understood why is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme, you might also be wondering if you are the perfect match for this or not. It is not a “get rich quickly” scheme. You can find people who have good experience with this and people who have not. Here are some traits to separate people who are the perfect “fit” for Lifestyles Unlimited: 

  • Individuals who are interested in investing in their education for the long-term rewards. Some people joined looking for instant gratification and later sorely disappointed. 
  • It is ideal for people who want a retirement plan. 
  • You can be the perfect match if you value quality support, education, and relationships over price. 
  • You join this if you want to learn from the experiences and network with other real estate investors. 
  • It is an ideal match for individuals who appreciate working with vendors who specialize in working with investors.

The Benefits Of Lifestyle Unlimited-

Network Mentorship-

Del Walmsey’s program is nothing but networking and mentorship on real estate investment. It is not only class, where you pay a course fee and you will get a limited amount of class to learn. Here your mentor will guide you to complete the events and encourage you to join road trips and different conferences. You will talk with various business-minded people and learn about their experience and strategy.

Financial Freedom-

Del Walmsley took two-day classes on the Natural Progression of the Real estate Investor. Here you can learn how to lead a leverage life with the financial freedom that you have through real estate investment. Moreover, it promises that you can reach your goal within 5 years.

12 Case Study Night-

These classes are taken by former achievers of this program. The scholars, who achieve degrees from here, will guide you through their experiences. You will learn from finding properties to closing deals.

Question-Answer Program-

This is a scheduled class every week. Monday to Friday, morning 9 o’clock to evening 5 o’clock active real estate investors stay online and give replies to queries of learners. That solved the ground problems faced by the investors.

Special Events-

These are very special events. These events are conducted to give a boost to your learning. These events can come in the face of guest speakers, expos, or panel discussions.

Is Lifestyle Unlimited illegal?

Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme might be a hot topic on the market. However, whether this is illegal or not has also arisen in the market for a while. But, you have to know, that a scam is where you pay for a service or product but they do not deliver it to you properly. However, in that case, there is no such evidence. They teach you how to earn passive income by investing in real estate.

The program is not illegal at all. Moreover, there is evidence that a lot of people get their desired position by doing this program. Their motive is to teach you to become a real estate investor. There is nothing more complex. However, you have to decide, whether you can join this program by paying money or not.

Conclusion-Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme

Real estate is not for everyone. Becoming its agent is not as easy as you thought. The amount of effort, time, and money you will invest, you will get expertise and profit from it. Selling property is the first and foremost goal for you. Moreover, the transaction should be so clear that it makes it more appealing.

Previously many people tried to do this successfully. However, many of them failed due to their insufficient expertise. In this field, one can not be a master of all. A perfect team is needed to become successful. One must be committed to this to become a profitable investor in real estate. I hope you understand the topic Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme?

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)-

Is Lifestyles Unlimited a pyramid scheme?

No. As per some experts, it is a steep investment process.

Is Lifestyles Unlimited a scam?

No. There is evidence that it does scam.

Who is Del Walmsley?

Del Walmsley is the founder of Lifestyle Unlimited.

Is Lifestyle Unlimited illegal?

There is nothing illegal work doing, therefore, the question of illegality is totally baseless

Where is Lifestyle Unlimited Located?

Lifestyle Unlimted is located at 11200 Westheimer Rd #1000, Houston, TX 77042, United States.

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