Blowout of a tyre is certainly annoying although it can be frightening at the same time. First, you should make sure that you are in a safe place. You also must be in a calm state of mind before starting to change the tyre. The most important aspect in these situations is your personal safety. You should never ever try to change a flat tyre of your car when your personal safety is at risk. It is important to have to correct set of tools to change the tyre. If you do not have the correct tools you should not try changing the tyre and puncture yourself with the expertise of a mobile tyre.

On the other hand, if you are in a safe place with a punctured tyre with the correct set of tools and feel confident enough to replace the tyre then you should go ahead and get the tyre puncture replaced provided there is a spare tyre in your car. With a spare tyre, the correct tools and without putting your personal safety at risk a confident and self-reliant you can easily replace a punctured tyre to get the car back on the road almost in no time. Cars, in modern times, either come with a full-size spare or a narrow space saver. But the method of changing mobile tyre is the same.  

Before you get into the action of Mobile tyre

Before you kick-start your task of changing a punctured tyre you must find a safe spot to park the vehicle. You should drive a little further risking damage to the wheel rim than parking the car at an inconvenient spot like a narrow lane. Leave the parking lights on. if there is a reflective jacket in your car then it is time to slip it on. Place the warning triangle in a convenient position so that oncoming drivers know you are there. To make things even easier you may go through the manual of your car for important tips and advice suggest experts who provide the service of mobile tyre fitting near London.

Tools and equipment that you need

The most important item or equipment that you require to change a tyre puncture is a spare tyre. According to mobile tyre expert in addition to that you require certain tools like –

  • Jack to lift the car off the ground
  • Wrench to remove the nuts in the wheel
  • Wheel chock to prevent the car from rolling over the ground when jacked up
  • Wheel nut key in case locking nuts are fitted

In addition to these, it is also better to have the handbook of your vehicle within your reach for references while doing this task.

It also proves useful to carry a few other items to make the task easier. These items include the following –

  • Working gloves because your wheels will be dusty and dirty
  • A reflective jacket has already been mentioned above; it makes you easily visible to other motorists on the road
  • A tyre pressure gauge to make sure the replacement tyre is properly inflated
  • A short plank of wood to provide a flat surface to fix the jack
  • A warning triangle to alert other motorists

In addition to these, you also require a torch or flashlight in your kitty. But these days everyone carries mobile phones and these gadgets come with an inbuilt flashlight. So you may not carry a torch separately.  

Changing a tyre

Before changing a tyre you have to prepare your car. Here is how you should do it.

  • Put the car on the handbrake
  • Ask all the passengers to exit the vehicle
  • Get the tools out of the boot

Place the wheel chocks in the correct position

When a car is jacked up the chocks prevent it from rolling over.

Place the chock on the wheel that is opposite to the puncture one. If the left front tyre is punctured place the chock on the right rear wheel. On the other hand, if the rear left tyre is punctured then place the chock on the front right one.

It is better to use the chocks for both the front and rear wheels. A trained professional who provides the service of same-day mobile tyre fitting in London suggests in the absence of a dedicated chock, large rocks or bricks can help you in the same way.

Loosen up the wheel nuts

You should finish this step while the car is on the ground. That way the task will be both easier and safer to accomplish. It may be necessary to lever off a plastic wheel trim before working on the wheel nuts. Move the wrench in anti clockwise direction to loosen up the nuts. Then at one point in time, the nuts can be removed using your hands. The nut may prove a little stubborn to loosen up. You should be prepared for it. But do not remove the nuts completely yet.

Jack up the vehicle

Every vehicle has a dedicated jacking point. Your car handbook will make it easier locating those dedicated jacking points in your vehicle. Try to place the jack at the side of your vehicle close to the punctured tyre. The jack gains some stability when you place a tiny wood plank under it. Now it is time to raise the car slowly. Make sure the punctured tyre is at least 10 to 15 centimetres above the road surface.   

First removing the flat tyre

Experts busy with fitting tyres 24 hours in London suggest, now is the time to remove the punctured tyre from the car. As you totally loosen the wheel nuts just remove those from their place. Then gently pull the tyre toward you. At some point in time, it will give in and come out of its position. Place it on the ground. Congratulations! You have accomplished half of the task successfully.

Charge in with the spare tyre

Now you should slide the spare wheel onto the hub bolts that protrude out. Place the wheel nuts back and tighten those manually. At this point, your task is almost done. Now lower the car and tighten the bolts. You need to use the jack to drop the car down a little. Once the spare tyre touches the ground you know you are done. Tighten the wheel nuts completely with the help of the wrench.

As the vehicle is completely on the ground take the jack away and place it back in the boot. Give the wheel nuts a final check to make sure those are tightly fitted. Carefully place all your tools and equipment back into the booth along with the punctured tyre.

Last but nevertheless least, suggest experts working at 24hr Mobile Tyre Fitting London do not forget to get the punctured tyre repaired promptly without any delay.

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