There may be many efficient spy apps in the market but the best phone tracker app no doubt is TheOneSpy. The app is not just a phone tracker app, it offers monitoring version Software for Mac and Windows as well. Features like these make it a magical power that must be used by all of us. Here are some of the captivating features of the best phone tracker app.

Support Multiple Platforms:

One of the biggest flex about using the best phone tracker app TheOneSpy is that it supports multiple platforms. You don’t have to switch to another app in case your daughter thinks of changing the Android to an iPhone or anything else. The best app must consider all of its users and should offer service according to that. The spy app offers Android, Mac, and Windows versions and can be used for tablet, cellphone, desktop, and laptop monitoring. 

Now differentiation of Basic and Advanced Features:

Many apps offer a basic version and an advanced version for their users. Though some play the trick of the free version that sometimes is only a marketing trick to attract customer attention. Once the customers get the subscription they are bombarded with tons of hidden rules and policies and maybe some extra charge for more features. Instead, the spy app offers a different version but with uniform access to all the advanced features. There is no discrimination whatsoever in the features division and that makes it one of the best phone tracker apps.

Three Is Better Than Two:

Instead of offering two extremes i.e. a monthly deal or a yearly one, TheOneSpy makes things easier for its customers. You can choose a monthly deal., a seasonal deal of six months, or a yearly deal in case of the TheOneSpy. This makes it very easy for those users who want the app temporarily or the quite opposite for a long time. Just get the bundle and be free of any worries.

UserFriendly Interface:

A user-friendly interface makes any app easy to use for all types of users. You can be a parent and an old guy who has a lot of employees to monitor or anyone. The thing is easy to use interface makes the app available to all users without any discrimination.

Remote relicensing Option:

Remotely renew the license and be worry-free about following all the steps again and again. The TheOneSpy spy app gives the option to remotely renew the license of the spy app. You can use the feature to continue monitoring missions in your kid studying out of town.

Custom Settings Option:

The app lets others customise the data storage or other words monitoring feature setting option. You can practically turn a feature setting On or off according to your preference. For example, to monitor kids staying at home, maybe just turn off the location tracking setting and focus on the screen monitoring or web browsing history tracking feature more.


The app offers an economical bundle so for those of you who are in search of the best phone tracker app with pocket-friendly deals this one is for you. An app is also a good option for big firms who want to monitor many employees and thus need an economical app within the budget.

No Need For Separate License for Each Type:

One can even switch from one type of operating system to another with a single license in the case of the TheOneSpy spy app.

Refund Policy:

TheOneSpy also offers a refund policy with some terms and conditions. You can contact customer support in case of any confusion.

All you need to do is choose your favorite bundle that offers features according to your needs and demands. You can simply start with the monthly deal if you are not sure about what you are doing or don’t trust the technology. Keep in mind that it is only legal to use the app when you are a parent or an employer and want to use the spy app services for monitoring teenagers or employees. Other than that you must have written consent from the involved parties to use the spy app. Employers can only install the app on a company-owned device.

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