Backflow Incense Packaging Wholesale Burners help to reduce stress and exhaustion by producing impressive and mesmerizing smoke displays. The smoke from incense cones is thicker than air due to the high amount of essential oils and resin. In Custom Retail Boxes the smoke emitted by the incense cone will run down the vent, creating a smoke stream that resembles a flowing waterfall. Our one-of-a-kind and highly artistic wholesale backflow incense burners may be used not only to burn incense cones but also as a beautiful element in your home. The most popular designs right now are Buddha, Lotus, Crystal Cave, and Large Pebble.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Backflow Burner?

Health: The backflow burner’s soft aroma and gorgeous smoke will provide a sensation of relaxation and calm. Aside from its potential to promote attention, the backflow burner provides spiritual significance by providing numerous aesthetic and meditation benefits.

Backflow burners maintain an aroma for a longer period of time than a typical incense packaging wholesale burner or incense stick. Although a typical incense packaging wholesale cone will burn out in 20 to 30 minutes, the aroma will persist for up to a day. Another advantage is that backflow burners are simple and safe to operate. The aroma takes seconds to savor and less than a minute to clean away. When utilizing the burner, the incense cones are tightly compressed, reducing the amount of ashes scattered and the risk of fire. 

 Backflow Incense Cones Vs Traditional Incense Cones

Traditional incense cone burners allow smoke to rise and fragrance your home for 20 to 40 minutes, while the cone is slender and pyramid-like in shape. A backflow incense packaging wholesale cone’s aroma can last up to a day, and it has a vertical opening from the top to bottom to allow smoke to be drawn down into the burner. Because traditional incense cones lack a hole, they cannot produce the smoke waterfall effect that backflow incense cones do.

Lighting a backflow cone differs from lighting a standard cone in that it must burn at least a third down before being placed on the burner, whereas a traditional cone can be placed on the burner as soon as the red tip appears and begins to smoke. 

What Is A Backflow Burner?

Using a backflow incense packaging wholesale cone is similar to using an incense stick. Simply ignite the tip of the cone while holding it. Wait a second or two until the tip burns into a flame before immediately blowing it out.

Be very careful not to burn yourself when holding the cone. The incense cone’s tip should be burning red and emitting a fragrant smoke. 

When the smoke starts to come out, it’s ready to put in your backflow burner. After a short time, the smoke will begin to spread throughout the backflow burner, forming a smoke pattern. Be cautious that drafty areas might diminish the effect of falling smoke.

Our Favorite Backflow Incense Packaging Wholesale

Backflow incense burners and cones in a range of exotic designs such as dragons and buddhas, as well as simple fountain patterns, are all available at Something Different Wholesale. Smoke pours downward with a mesmerizing waterfall effect to the pool at the bottom of all backflow burners.

Incense Cones With Backflow From Goloka

To create a captivating selection of aromas, Goloka products use natural ingredients whenever possible. The 24 cones are packaged in a handy resealable tin and have a burn period of about 20 minutes per cone. These cones, which come in a number of flavors, make an ideal present for someone who is just getting started. By purchasing Goloka items, you are also supporting essential Indian charities. 

Tips For Safety And Troubleshooting

Keep away from flammable things such as furniture and curtains.

Before burning, place the burner on a safe surface, as backflow smoke can discolor surfaces.

Because of the smoke it can produce, burn in a well-ventilated location. This is especially important if you have pets. 

Keep the item out of reach of children and dogs, as it can be harmful if they consume it.

If you are pregnant, you should see your doctor before using incense.

Backflow incense cones should be stored away from moisture, sunlight, and heat, as these factors might cause the cone to lose its smell. We recommend storing it in a cold, dark place, such as a drawer. 

To avoid smell cross-contamination, store your incense cones individually.

If you’re not achieving the ideal waterfall smoke effect, make sure the burner is out of the path of drafts and air movement.

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