When it comes to spending vacations at hill stations, then the most obvious choice that comes to mind is Manali. No matter whether there are many other holiday destinations to consider, Manali stays an evergreen hilly spot for every Indian who visit this hilly region once in his/her lifetime. Hence, if you plan to visit this gem of Himachal, you better arrange your stay at the best luxury resort in Manali

What makes Manali an evergreen holiday destination

There is nothing like considering Manali a usual choice to spend your holidays. The hilly Himachal state has all that makes it an evergreen holiday destination. It hardly matters whether you are coming during summer or winter; the weather here is always pleasant and soothing to the eyes.

With the current tourism regulations being opened in Himachal, now many would plan for a trip to Manali. Even though the best time to visit this hilly state is from March to June, you can still choose to stay in August, as trekking routes are open to visit lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. 

Is it safe to visit Manali in August?

Although this is the month when monsoon sets in, and with that comes the possibility of heavy rainfall, which can trigger landslides. And this can make your journey uncomfortable. Hence, you must remain careful when visiting the mountain areas this month. 

Lesser tourist footfall

However, if you are ready to take risks, you are most welcome to visit Manali. The one significant benefit you will experience visiting in August is the lesser tourist footfall. The lesser the people, the more it will make you feel comfortable travelling. However, to avoid making your travel experience go awful, you must search for the best resort in Manali for your comfy staycation. 

Activities to do in Manali during August

If you are determined to embark on a journey to Manali in August for a summer break, let us brief you about the activities you can do here. 

Explore trekking

With the onset of the monsoon during August in Manali, the beauty of nature blooms entirely, making it picture-perfect for a voyager. Coming to Manali and skipping trekking will seem half-explored fun. Hence, besides losing yourself in the mystic beauty of nature here, you must also explore trekking, as from June to September, the trekking routes get open. 

But be very sure about choosing the trek in which you are physically and mentally comfortable. The trekking destinations in Manali include the Chandratal Lake trek, the Hampta Pass trek, and the Bhrigu Lake trek.

Feasting on local street food

On your visit to Manali, you can also enjoy feasting on the local street food in Manali with so many options. You can visit quirky cafes and sip hot tea or hot chocolate. In the meantime, you can also quench your hunger with many dishes available here. You can fill your belly with Patande, a famous Himachali crepe made from milk, wheat flour, and sugar. 

If you have an appetite for non-vegetarian food, there is river trout you will find in every street stall and cafe. The fish is caught freshly from the river, and its meat is served with multiple spices and a slice of lemon. So enjoy this famous street food, and you won’t resist asking for more. 

For vegetarians, there are popular foods like Babru, a kachori we eat in our cities. It is made with dough fried and an addition of black gram stuffed into it. The other top options include Iddu, a steamed cake of yeast and wheat consumed with ghee and hot kadhi chawal. 

Visiting Jogini Waterfall

Coming to Manali and missing the thrilling view of waterfalls will not make your travel journey seem complete. Hence, if you visit Manali in August, don’t miss the incredible sight of Jogini Falls, which is very popular in this hilly land. You will find this waterfall in the village of Vashisht. This name is enough to make you traverse through a mythological journey. Yes, he is the guru of Maryada Purshottam Ram. 

Explore wildlife in Manali.

If you expect to get a glimpse of wild animals that you have only seen on the Discovery Channel, in books, and in magazines, then watch them at Manali Wildlife Sanctuary. The animals you will see here include snow leopards, musk deer, flying foxes, and Himalayan black bears. 

Where to stay in Manali?

Suppose you want to spend your holidays in Manali. In that case, selecting a better hotel with all the luxury amenities for its guests is essential. 

jüSTa Grand View Resort & Spa

This is a 4-Star best luxury hotel in Manali that you must prefer for your comfortable and luxury staycation in the latter hilly state of Himachal. It has all the modern amenities that every guest expects. These include a lobby where you can see snow-clad mountains from all sides, an on-site gymnasium, spa, and sauna room. You can have a mighty view of the Himalayas from here. 

You can wake up watching the mesmerizing view of lush-green surroundings and stunning hills. The hotel also excels in other hospitality services, including rooms of different categories ranging from Luxury Rooms, Deluxe Rooms, and Family rooms that are acquainted with private balconies, plush wooden work, and other modern facilities like LED TV, free WiFi, and Tea/Coffee maker inside. With all such facilities available at jüSTa Grand View Resort & Spa in Manali, it truly deserves your preference to stay here. 

Bookmark Resorts

The other next option is Bookmark Resorts. Located in Manali on the hilly side of the mountains, this wellness resort has all the facilities a visitor expects for his staycation. Nestled at the top of the hill, this resort offers a fantastic sight of Old Manali, Rohtang, and Hampta, near beautiful apple trees. 

In comparison to the busy streets of Manali, Bookmark Manali Resort has a serene atmosphere that will melt all your stress and all the clutter in your mind. You can experience a holistic healing session, yoga, meditation, and more here. 


So this ends our blog about what makes Manali an evergreen holiday destination. If you plan to visit in August, be very careful as it is the time of the onset of monsoon, where you can expect heavy rains and landslides. So be prepared for all the risks that you might have to face. So embark on the journey at your own risk.

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