Wondering how to drive traffic to your website? The thought often crosses the mind of every business owner. Whether it is a small or large business, a painstaking effort to set it up does not mean that you can set your sights on the next big goal. Whether you are trying to attract the first customer or the 100th, the aim of every business is to generate more traffic to the website.

If you have an optimized site for conversions, a jump in traffic may mean more sales and more customers. Ask the offshore digital marketing services offered by an experienced company and they will show you ways in which your website can acquire more leads gradually. Here are 8 proven tactics that offshore digital marketing agencies recommend to increase website traffic.

1. Invite people to contribute to guest blog posts

When it comes to guest blog posts, it needs to be two-way and not just one. You can contribute to other blogs but there is no harm in asking others from your industry to contribute to the guest site. Chances are that when they link to the guest post, it will generate more traffic to your site. However, you need to focus on unique ideas and high-quality writing that is devoid of spammy links. Google is watching out for sites with spam links. Thanks to their regular algorithm updates!

2. Implementing schema

Do you think that implementing schema will rev up the website traffic automatically? Well, the answer is no. However, it will ease the effort of search engines when finding and indexing the pages. Want to improve the click-through rate of your site? Use scheme and boost the site snippets. If you are planning to outsource digital marketing services, you will get a hang of how search engine bots locate and index your pages.

3. Include email marketing in your strategy

Do not focus entirely on content marketing when generating website leads and disregard the traditional tactics. Email marketing is a very effective technique even today to increase website visitors. Make sure you do not bombard people’s inboxes with the smallest changes only to frustrate them intentionally. Besides, word-of-mouth promotion techniques are also popular. All you need is to offer gentle email reminders about a new service or a product.

4. Using SEO to boost the discoverability of your business

One of the toughest things to accomplish online is increasing the discoverability of your site. What you want is for your site to feature on the top of the SERPs. Data reveals that one-third of all the clicks go to the first among the search engine result pages. Look for offshore SEO services to fine-tune your website and get an array of leads. If you want to generate sustained and high-end traffic to your site, reach for experts and get the necessary assistance.

5. Improve the internal linking structure

If you listen to the recommendations of an offshore business, you will come to know some startling facts about your link profile. Unfortunately, your link profile may lack the desired strength. But it is not just the number of sites that backlink to you but the internal linking structure.  Both users and search engines use internal links to locate the content from one to another. Plus, a proper internal linking structure improves the website navigation as well. Therefore, when creating content and publishing it, do not ignore the opportunity for internal links.

6. Reach for new audiences through influencer marketing

Building relationships with influencers ensures that your online store is in front of the audience. Want to know what the benefits of influencer marketing are? You can harness their reach within your industry and get the most out of the union they form with the audiences.

7. Communicate with the industry experts

One thing that an offshore marketing agency relies on is the level of communication with the thought leaders. Why don’t you correspond with them and get the interview dates? Posting those interviews on the site may work wonders. The name and recognition are more likely to enhance the site’s traffic but the things that the interviewee shares boost the reach further.

8. Create interesting visuals

Using a prominent design tool for data visualization and illustrating concepts works like magic. Subsequently, when other sites use those images, they will link back to your site. Apart from this, Google will display more images in the search results, providing you with an opportunity to rank easily and attract more traffic. Digital Concepts shows you the short and long-term strategies to rev up website traffic. 

If you need more traffic to your site, connect with them to get past the biggest challenges and generate more leads and traffic. With the abovementioned strategies in your toolkit, you will generate more traffic to your store and naturally create more opportunities to turn viewers into buyers. You need to begin with small steps and gradually add momentum to your efforts.

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