OgyMogy is one of the most trustworthy apps among many in the market. I have been a loyal customer of this app for a while and am very much satisfied with the services. Though many features made this app different and more efficient than other apps some of my personal favorite features make it more unique. A Call Recorder is a feature that many people love to keep. Moreover, they want to do it without knowing other people. Here are some of the features that I have used and liked the most in the spy app. Note that I am a multiuser and use the app for personal usage, parental control as well and employee monitoring.

Call Recorder

Call recorder is my personal favorite as I use this feature for myself, my kids, and for work purposes as well. The feature saves all the call recording data on the portal. With the help of that, I can go back and listen to any important work-related call with a client, know about my kid’s call content, and more. The call recorder feature thus pretty much helps me in daily life routines.

Call Log

The call log features let the user know about the incoming and outgoing phone call records of the target. I can check the call log data and track any odd timings calls on my kid’s phone. The feature can be used to monitor the employee record during working hours.

Text Log:

The text log feature maintains a strict record of text with timestamped information. You can not only read the text message content but know about the sender’s id as well. I have been using this feature, especially for my kids. Spam messages and sexting are some of the common problems these days. With the help of the OgyMogy spy app, one can track any such activity in the target text box easily.

Web Tracking :

Internet is part of our daily life routine and no one can imagine a single day without it. Besides entertainment purposes, this invention is pretty much necessary for most daily life activities. OgyMogy offers a web tracking feature that lets the user track the internet browsing history of the target person. You can know what kind of content your kid likes to visit on the web and can track an employee who wastes useful working hours on useless activities.

Web Blocking :

Users can remotely block any website or online content from the target gadget. This is very helpful for parents who want a toxic-free online space for their kids. Moreover, with the introduction of the remote working style, it is indeed necessary for employers to monitor the employees’ work-related activities even if they are far from the workplace and working from home.

Location Tracking:

Another excellent feature that has helped me the most is the location tracking feature. The feature has helped me recover my lost gadget in no time. The location tracking features help the user track the real-time location of the target gadget with accuracy. The app also saves the whereabouts record for seven days for the user.


Geofencing is rather a bonus feature for parents who want to know bout the 24/7 movement alerts of their kids. One can mark a safe and restricted zone on Google Maps for the target person. Any movement around the marked zone is notified to the user.

Access to App data:

Anyone who has access to smart gadgets has access to the app store. Now there are all kinds of distractive apps present in the the app store. The OgyMogy spy app lets the user know about all the installed apps in the target gadget. You can track dating apps, any suspicious apps on etc official gadgets of employees, and more with the help of this feature.

Keystroke Logging:

The keystroke logging feature keeps a record of all the keypad-related activities of the target person. You can know about emails, digital entries, any secret account or password, etc. The keystroke logging feature is best for employee monitoring a sit can help to track any corporate spy red hand.

Screen Monitoring:

What if I tell you that you can visit the screen of the target at any given time what will be your reaction? It’s marvellous isn’t it?

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